Jon Wright

Jon Wright: Happily Ever After

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Jon Wright

Title: Happily Ever After
Label: CD Baby

The Story Prologue: We begin with a collection of men from different walks of life. They sit in a circle in uncomfortable chairs, awkwardly holding Styrofoam coffee cups and cigarettes, simultaneously anxious and reluctant to tell their stories. The all share one thing in common: a girl in their past. For some she has breezed through quickly, others she has camped out a while, but for all her stay was bliss, her passing was monumental, life changing, and heart-breaking. These men come together every week to try and find support in their common woe, to lean on each other and try and live out their lives without this woman, this beauty, this bitch, this siren. One day at a time. Act I (They Meet): Overture, Lullaby, Table for Two, Stars in June, It's You Happily Ever After seeks to understand the character of Caroline through the eyes of the protagonist Jack. Jack is a swell, well-rounded fellow, and a bit of a momma's boy. Maybe not the sharpest knife in the proverbial drawer, Jack is nonetheless a sweet and caring guy, generally well-liked and completely inoffensive. Enter into his life Caroline. Her beauty and demeanor are mesmerizing. And on her part, she finds something genuine in Jack - something pure and refreshing. Act II (The Chase): I'm Not Jealous, Don't Bring Her, Mother Might Say, Caroline, Invited, Now They're Engaged!, Stars In June (Reprise), Invited (An Amendment) Having staked her claim, Caroline lays some ground rules: Caroline: 'I don't need anything but you/ so it's hard to see/ how you could need anything but me.' Jack's friends stage an intervention, wanting to know 'when's the last time you saw a movie with Steven Seagal!?' Caroline dismisses them easily, as she - not them - is sharing Jack's bed at night. But when Diana, Jack's Mother chimes in, she brings a bit more to the table. Caroline retreats, having lost a battle, but determined to win the war. Jack gets a call from the hospital: Attempted suicide! Jack rushes to the hospital and all the stress forces him to focus his emotions. He proposes at the bedside. And the wedding is planned, You are cordially invited. And Now They're Engaged! In an attempt to build bridges betwixt his Mother and Caroline, Jack invites his mother to move in with him and his fiancé. Troubles ensue. The wedding is off. Act III (Such a Great Affair): Table for Two (reprise) Such A Great Affair, Flesh Wound, Invited ( An Announcement), By The Sea A forlorn Jack laments the absence of his girl. And when she suddenly returns, it appears he may have gotten the whole thing wrong: Caroline: 'You really took me at my word, it's so absurd. You're such a coward./'Cos when I tell you that we're through / it means that you should bring me flowers' But Jack, a little more wary, suspects he has been Caroline's emotional pawn all along. He misses her, but is reticent to return to the emotional roller coaster. He yearns to see Caroline display some true emotion, not just premeditated drama: Jack 'Is it such a great affair/ to show me that you care.' Caroline unwittingly gives him what he wants. She loses control, and in her first act of non-premeditated passion, she stabs Jack. Jack chooses to see this as an emotional triumph; after all, it's only a flesh wound. The two are wed. No flowers and no cake, just a witness and the magistrate. The two have found themselves addicted to high passion, and have the rest of their lives 'as one to spend/ [their] lives together learning/ if [their] love is worth the pain it's sure to give.'

1.1 Overture
1.2 Lullaby
1.3 Table for Two (Jack's Theme)
1.4 Stars in June
1.5 It's You
1.6 I'm Not Jealous (Caroline's Theme)
1.7 Don't Bring Her
1.8 Mother Might Say
1.9 Caroline (Will You?)
1.10 Invited (An Invitation)
1.11 Now They're Engaged!
1.12 Stars in June (Reprise)
1.13 Invited (An Ammendment)
1.14 Table for Two (Reprise)
1.15 Such a Great Affair
1.16 (Only a) Flesh Wound
1.17 Invited (An Announcement)
1.18 Epiloogue: By the Sea

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