Jon Zucker

Jon Zucker: Constant State of Fantasy

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Jon Zucker

Title: Constant State of Fantasy
Label: CD Baby

Jon Zucker, a singer-songwriter who grew up in New York City and now lives in Los Angeles, makes the kind of music that is reminiscent of Coldplay, John Mayer, and The Fray. He is as comfortable crooning at the grand piano as he is jamming out on guitar. Before moving to the West coast, Jon was a regular at Manhattan's famed club, The Cutting Room, which has hosted such legends as James Blunt, Sheryl Crow and Carole King. Jon still plays there several times a year when touring the East coast. After a year of touring and promoting his April Rain EP, Jon went on to make the record that reflects his maturity as a singer-songwriter. During a fateful visit to San Diego, Jon made the acquaintance of producer Alan Sanderson, who, having worked with artists like the Rolling Stones, Elton John, Elvis Costello and Fiona Apple, has a wall full of gold and platinum records. The two hit it off like old chums, and Alan, who is used to dealing with major label artists, decided he would take on this project as a labor of love and respect for Jon's artistry and commercial potential. Incredibly, Constant State of Fantasy was recorded and mixed in 17 days. The reason for it's pure and accomplished sound boils down to chemistry - the work in the studio simply flowed, with Alan at the controls and brilliant musicians helping Jon's 'fantasy' become a reality. In the end, Jon came away with an inspiring, hook-laden 11-song pop/rock album that recalls his influences (such as Billy Joel, Elton John and the Beatles) but is completely unique. The final touch of brilliance was the mastering of the album by Gavin Lurssen, a two-time Grammy winner, at Hollywood's famous The Mastering Lab. For the past two years, Jon has awed live audiences with his performances. He is now finally able to do the same with his recorded work. Constant State of Fantasy, a title that refers to the life of a New Yorker transplanted to the West Coast, is a hopeful album that makes listeners feel good.

1.1 11:11
1.2 Way Up There
1.3 Constant State of Fantasy
1.4 Wasting Time
1.5 April Rain
1.6 This Isn't the End
1.7 Someday Soon
1.8 Solid Ground
1.9 New York City
1.10 Emtpy Wishes
1.11 Next to Me

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