Jonathan Wilson

Jonathan Wilson: Gentle Spirit

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Jonathan Wilson

Artist: Jonathan Wilson
Title: Gentle Spirit
Product Type: VINYL LP

Gentle Spirit is not simply the name of the debut solo album by songwriter/musician/producer, Jonathan Wilson, it represents the ethos of the artist himself. Warm, supple melodies etched in layers of stringed instruments and willowy organ motifs accompany his earnest, North Carolinian drawl as he tells tales of humane values lost and found.

1.1 Gentle Spirit
1.2 Can We Really Party Today?
1.3 Desert Raven
1.4 Canyon in the Rain
1.5 Natural Rhapsody
1.6 Ballad of the Pines
1.7 The Way I Feel
1.8 Don't Give Your Heart to a Rambler
1.9 Woe Is Me
1.10 Waters Down
1.11 Rolling Universe
1.12 Magic Everywhere
1.13 Valley of the Silver Moon

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