Jones Blake & the Trike Shop

Jones Blake & the Trike Shop: Underground Garden

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Title: Underground Garden
Label: CD Baby

Of Jones' music, it has been said : The true nature of the independent spirit flows through the veins of Mr. Jones, a zoned-out composer and terrific guitarist. Not for the lovers of boy bands, but rewarding for those who are REALLY into music. (Immedia Wire Service) This is the good stuff ... this is pure pop. - (James A. Gardner--writing for The All Music Guide) Jones e soci sono aperti ad ogni influenza dal pop al garage, filtrati dalla 'science fiction'. (Italy's "Indiepop. It") What makes it even more like something from Beach Boys mastermind Brian Wilson is it's inventive use of instrumentation with a shopping list of instruments including toy pianos, organ, theremin, as well as the usual suspects. (Smother Magazine)

1.1 All I Want for My Birthday
1.2 Forestiere Gardens
1.3 Sing Along
1.4 Who's Got a Light?
1.5 Sun Up
1.6 Fighting the Big Dumb Noise
1.7 Neptune Bursts Free
1.8 Send the Band to Liverpool
1.9 Your Sad Party Dress
1.10 Christmas Sale
1.11 The 5 Deadly Fingers of Dr. Theremin
1.12 Some Fool Wouldn't Let It Go
1.13 Out ; Free ; Faraway
1.14 Everybody's Got An Andy Story
1.15 Here Comes the Bus

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