Jonny: Jonny

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Artist: Jonny

Artist: Jonny
Title: Jonny

Norman Blake (Teenage Fan club) and Euros Childs (Gorky's Zygotic Mynci) were prime movers in Bandwagonesque and Barafundle two of the best albums of the last twenty years. Now, they've pooled their resources to create a record bursting with exactly the kind of instantly memorable melodies their admirers have come to expect, but translated into a fresh and vibrant new setting. Jonny's debut album proclaims the advent of an irresistibly infectious new strain of psychedelic pop, and finds the perfect balance between Euros Childs' whimsical wit and Norman Blake's seriously exquisite harmonies.

1.1 Wich Is Wich
1.2 Candyfloss
1.3 Waiting Around for You
1.4 Goldmine
1.5 You Was Me
1.6 Circling the Sun
1.7 English Lady
1.8 The Goodnight
1.9 Bread
1.10 Cave Dance
1.11 I Want to Be Around You
1.12 I'll Make Her My Best Friend
1.13 Never Alone
1.14 Gloria
1.15 Beach Party
1.16 Continental
1.17 Michael Angelo

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