Joop Wolters: Speed Traffic & Guitar-Accidents

Joop Wolters: Speed Traffic & Guitar-Accidents
Title: Speed Traffic & Guitar-Accidents
Label: CD Baby

Finally available is the first solo recording by European guitarist (he's lived in several countries, including Germany and Belgium) Joop Wolters. Simply called Workshop, the recording shows his guitar and songwriting skills developing throughout the year he spent recording it. Capturing various styles and moods, the nine instrumental songs switch from funky rhythms to full-blown, pedal-to-the-metal rock, Workshop has it all. The opening track, 'Tibet' is reminiscent of early Jason Becker and Marty Friedman Shrapnel-era metal tracks, while the remainder of the CD mines a more hard rock vein. Be sure to also catch Wolters on some of the tribute CDs being readied for a 2003 release.

1.1 Interludealloveintersection
1.2 Hijacked
1.3 A Day and This
1.4 Disturbance
1.5 Loverslane
1.6 Beggin' for a Trip to the Stars
1.7 Cruising for the Soul
1.8 Resolute
1.9 To the G and Back
1.10 Acoustimas
1.11 Funkonexion
1.12 Some Time to Spare
1.13 The Crash
1.14 Meka Dance
1.15 Canned Heart
1.16 Avenue Le Reinnescance
1.17 Split Decision

Joop Wolters: Speed Traffic & Guitar-Accidents

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