Jorge Miguel: Guitarra Flamenca

Jorge Miguel: Guitarra Flamenca
Title: Guitarra Flamenca
Label: CD Baby

Jorge Miguel's new CD 'Guitarra Flamenca/Flamenco Guitar' is an exploration of the depth and breadth of Flamenco Guitar by an artist that has dedicated his life to this art form. Eight diverse songs styles, known in Flamenco circles as 'palos', are performed with precision, passion, and originality, yet remain firmly rooted in tradition. Jorge's family is from Cadiz, Andalucia, Spain and his parents moved from Seville to Toronto just before he was born. Jorge moved back to Spain in 1995 to immerse himself in the study of Flamenco Guitar, and he not strayed from that path since. Studying with Maestro's, Pepe Russo in Cadiz, Don Antonio Villar in El Puerto de Santa Maria, Carlos Del Rio in Madrid and Augustin Carbonell in Seville, Jorge has also attended workshops w/ Diego Del Morao and singer Rocio Marquez. Jorge has accompanied renowned Flamenco dancers such as Esmeralda Enrique, Soledad Barrio, Isabel Bayon, and La Choni for workshops and performances. In 2002 Jorge formed the Jorge Miguel Flamenco Ensemble with a mandate to take true Flamenco to audiences across North America. His Ensemble combines the three pillars of Flamenco, the guitar, the dance and the song (el Toque, el Baile y el Canté). Jorge has performed over 1000 shows from Whitehorse, The Yukon to Antigonish, Nova Scotia as well as in the U.S. and Europe.

1.1 Tortilla de Buleria
1.2 Alegrias en la
1.3 Masomenos (Tangos)
1.4 Trocitos (Solea)
1.5 Rumbatangos
1.6 Silencio Por Alegrias
1.7 Siguiriyas en la Bemol
1.8 Romance Del Amargo

Jorge Miguel: Guitarra Flamenca

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