Jose De Castro

Jose De Castro: Un Poco de Lo Mio

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Jose De Castro

Title: Un Poco de Lo Mio
Label: CD Baby

Jose De Castro (JOPI) Guitarist from Madrid, Spain, has been playing since he..s been 10. He began studying classic guitar, harmony, chorus, and music theory. At seventeen, he then began to study electric guitar and jointed a rock group, playing in Madrid..s music circuit and on a national level, eventually winning important competitions. (Villa de Madrid). Later on, he began to work as a professional guitarist in orchestras and bands, while working as a professor in various modern music schools like Ritmo y Compás, where he taught classes until 2002. In that same year, his first instrumental album was released, entitled, ..Un poco de lo mío..(A bit of my own) written, arranged, and produced all by José himself. The CD contains nine songs with a rock sound while containing funk, pop, and fusion elements. His debut work has received excellent reviews from the Spanish music press (Guitarra Total, Guitarrista, etc.) and outside of Spain (Guitar World, Vintage, Guitar Magazine etc.). The album is currently sold in Europe, the US, and Asia. For the last several years, Jopi has been involved in album recordings, and publicity. He has also worked playing live in TV programs and is still seen live, accompanying various musicians. José endorses recognized brands like T.C. Electronic Effects, ENGL Amps, with whom he has held various demonstration clinics. He also gives master classes and plays his own music throughout Spain. In 2004, the guitarist..s second instrumental work ..Music Guitar Box.. was recorded. In his new album, José de Castro has surrounded himself with talented musicians like Simon Phillips (Toto, Jeff Beck etc.), Melvin Davis (Chaka Khan, Steve Lukather, Lee Ritenour, etc.) and well known professional Spanish musicians like Maurizio Sgaramella, Denis Bilanin, and Enzo Filiponne. In this album the guitarist..s talent shines through in diverse musical styles like funk-fusion, blues, country, and everything else from a rock focus, while having a note for detail in composition and musical arrangement, creating an ideal balance between virtuosity and musicality. The work contains 10 songs, all composed, arranged and produced by José. On 2006, is on sale the third instrumental CD 'Conversation'. This time, this work counts with Melvin Lee Davis and J. Vera on bass, Enzo Filippone on drum, Denis Bilanin and Iñaki Quijano on keyboards. This work is made in the more actively moment in Jopi's career, working together on important tours and recordings. As always, the versatility as in styles as in sounds is present all over the CD. On this same year, Jose is becoming endorser of the prestigious guitar brand 'Suhr Guitars'

1.1 Entre los Dedos
1.2 Passion
1.3 Luz
1.4 La Mejor Casa
1.5 Pasos en Las Cuerdas
1.6 Entrando en la Noche
1.7 Fiesta Funk
1.8 Tornado
1.9 Mar de Tranquilidad

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