Joseph: Your Love Still Haunts Me

Joseph: Your Love Still Haunts Me
Title: Your Love Still Haunts Me
Label: CD Baby

About Joseph JOSEPH In the age of dime-a-dozen R&B acts, it takes more than a sellable smile to achieve success on the charts. There are plenty of singers who can't dance and dancers who can't sing with number one singles, but mulit-talented acts are few and far between. Joseph, Child of the 80"s born in Tifton, Georgia, is one of the rare exceptions whose talents aren't determined by the sound tech in the studio. Music has played a huge part in Joseph's life since childhood. "I remember at birthday parties and family reunions we would have a talent show." he said, "I always had a natural ear for music: as a kid I would hear a song on the radio and instantly be able to mimic the melody and arrangement even if I didn't know all the lyrics. "Boy you sound just like the radio, friends and family would tell him." That innate sense of melody turned Joseph onto pursuing song more seriously. After graduating High School, Joseph joined a group of friends who formed a boy band and started performing at local school functions and even opening for some major acts like Pink, 702, Silk and others. Joseph developed his strength in songwriting and helped arrange the group's original material which they performed. In late 2002, the boys dispersed after several disappointing attempts and disagreements with management. Despite all the adversities, struggles, and failures, the young survivor didn't give up. In summer 2003 Joseph teamed up with producer and Dj Mickey Mix Bono. The two created a new ecliptic type music that would soon be the solo demo project the aspiring artist needed to showcase his talents. As a songwriter, Joseph's lyrical talents are prevalent on his debut album "Hook It Up". Production group The Insomniax based in Chicago also added a few tracks and remixes as well as west coast producer Dj King Assassin. With years in the making, Hook It Up is a solid album with even a guest appearance from Snoop Dogg, dedicated to having fun on the dance floor, and that's exactly what Joseph was trying to accomplish "I wanted to give people that all-over, feel-good vibe". As Joseph continues to grow and hone his musical talents, he hopes not only to set new precedents in the music industry as a vocalist and songwriter, but in every aspect of the word artist.

1.1 Your Love Still Haunts Me [R;B Remix]
1.2 Your Love Still Haunts Me [Radio Edit Mike Mucci]
1.3 Your Love Still Haunts Me [Mike Mucci Club Mix]
1.4 Your Love Still Haunts Me [Djbrian Jones Club Mix]
1.5 Your Love Still Haunts Me [Djbrian Jones Dub Mix]
1.6 Your Love Still Haunts Me [Djbam Bam Club Mix]
1.7 Your Love Still Haunts Me [Djbam Bam Club Mix]
1.8 No Time to Be Hating
1.9 Your Love Still Haunts Me [Djking Assassin Halloween Mix]
1.10 Your Love Still Haunts Me [Djking Assassin Mega Mix]

Joseph: Your Love Still Haunts Me

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