Josephus: Not 2 Late

Josephus: Not 2 Late
Title: Not 2 Late
Label: CD Baby

Music Artist / Songwriter / Engineer & Producer VOCALS / GUITAR / BASS / DRUMS & KEYBOARDS Josephus started playing music around age 11 starting with piano and then moving to guitar after which he started playing baritone sax, tenor sax, and trombone in junior high school. After spending many years playing from sheet music, Josephus became fascinated with songs that were on the radio in the early 70's, often sitting and listening to music for hours on end while reading every detail and credit on the album covers wondering how this process was accomplished and how the music was written and recorded. Soon after he became bored with the music that was being taught and played in music class, constantly arguing and fighting with the music teacher about why they weren't playing songs from the radio. Therein breeding a somewhat disdain for music teachers and pre-written (sheet) music, often times finding pleasure in ruffling the music teachers feathers and getting him frustrated to the point where he would frequently throw bottles of valve oil across the room at Josephus. He grew up in a household that was filled with a variety of styles of music, from R&B to soul, to jazz, to funk, to rock to disco etc. His father, a percussion player, was often playing bongos in the house for hours on end. Fast forward to the late 80's early 90's Josephus spent a great part of those years playing in a number of different bands with styles ranging from old soul/ r&B/ rock / jazz / blues / funk and pop mostly as a bass player. He has traveled extensively both in & outside of the, U.S. playing everything from R&B, ROCK, POP to JAZZ and more. In the early 90's tired of playing cover songs, Josephus decided to branch out and form his own original funk & roll-rock and soul band U.B.U. Taking on the role of frontman, as lead singer and bassist for this Cleveland, Ohio based band, this trio known as U.B.U consisted of guitarist David Sewell and drummer Kurt Johnson who was later replaced by drummer Tim Burris from the band 'Skin'. Playing on the professional rock circuit, Josephus's band U.B.U. opened up for acts such as New Kingdom, Mind Funk and Sammy's Good Eye, just to name a few. In 2004 JOSEPHUS released his first CD title 'Change For A Better Day' on the Deliverance Records label. This CD has been described as: 'Rock and soul infused music with thought provoking messages of Hope, Salvation, and Deliverance.' 'A now message for a now time.' All songs were Written / Produced and Performed by JOSEPHUS '2009' Brings us to this follow up CD 'Not 2 Late'. This CD 'Not 2 Late' was also a Produced by Josephus. With all songs Written / Produced and Performed Josephus. Stay tuned for the next chapter to this ever expanding story.

1.1 Everlasting
1.2 Don't Wait
1.3 Believe
1.4 Matter
1.5 More
1.6 Order
1.7 Say Yes
1.8 Speak
1.9 Wondering
1.10 Not 2 Late

Josephus: Not 2 Late

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