Josh Clayton-Felt

Josh Clayton-Felt: Beautiful Nowhere

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Artist: Josh Clayton-Felt
Title: Beautiful Nowhere

Beautiful Nowhere is made up of recordings that I did in '93 - '94, just after leaving School of Fish, and on the way to my A&M release, Inarticulate Nature Boy. They were originally intended as demos and have never been availible 'til now, but during the past few months while driving around with this tape in my car, I found these songs again along with the fulfillment I felt when I made them. They were a complete departure from what I'd been doing with SOF and a dive into unknown waters. That is what was captured on this CD, the dive itself. The songs are melodic and funky, and were a blast to record. They are the seeds of what would follow. If you liked School Of Fish - If you liked Inarticulate Nature Boy, or The Live CD, then this is the missing link. A CD made at home, at all hours of the day and night, for myself with no record company agendas to be found. These could have been the demos that I then tried to recreate for a CD, but why not just give you the spark itself. Enjoy the music. Josh.

1.1 Painted Birds
1.2 Right on Time
1.3 Writing on a Candle
1.4 Disapearing in New York
1.5 Down the Same Steps
1.6 Over My Shoulder
1.7 Beautiful Nowhere
1.8 Only Weakness
1.9 Invisible World
1.10 Superficial Brother
1.11 Behind the Wall
1.12 Pigeon
1.13 Walk on the Water
1.14 Anam Cara (Linda Buckley)
1.15 Sense of Humor

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