Josh Ellyson

Josh Ellyson: Into the Borderlands

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Josh Ellyson

Title: Into the Borderlands
Label: CD Baby

Playing music continually since he was 12, josh has been writing tunes as part of the fabric of an everyday life, through all the triumphs and tragedies common to an oridinary life. His musical life has had seasons of band membership, studio work and years of performing for an audience of one. His musical 'career' is marked by one consistent make music is as needful as breathing. While grounded in new acoustic sounds, josh's compositions have a unique style and voice, often mixing folk, roots, celtic and jazz/blues forms to create a unique musical landscape. This new release of 13 original instrumental tunes is a mix of solo guitar pieces as well as multi-instrument arrangments, with all parts played by the writer, Josh Ellyson. As in a written diary, each tune is an attempt to capture his personal seasons of life, unique moments in time and sound of his internal journeys. The work maintains a personal, more intimate feel, using minimal intrumentation, avoiding the 'produced' sound.

1.1 Well Worn Fedora
1.2 Clara's Minuet
1.3 One Summer Eve
1.4 Seach A'mhuir
1.5 Silver Dusk Waltz
1.6 Long River West
1.7 Fires of Summer
1.8 Stumble Into Joy
1.9 When Andy Met Anjie
1.10 Meadow of God
1.11 Into the Borderlands
1.12 With Every Breath I Take
1.13 Kauai Bay

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