Joshua Alo

Joshua Alo: Orchid Unknown

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Joshua Alo

Title: Orchid Unknown
Label: CD Baby

Joshua Alo's roots reggae vibe spiced with a diverse Hawaiian island sound and jazz continues to intrigue fans around the world. As one of reggae's youngest singers, Joshua's lyrics captivate the heart and mind with uplifting messages and a call to both global and self awareness. "...Alo's music reaches the depths of the soul and brings a sense of tranquility appropriate for all times and seasons." (Honolulu Star Bulletin) Born in Hawai'i, Joshua grew up as an island boy strumming ukulele and guitar and at the age of 18 began traveling the world. In 2007, Joshua traveled to Venice Italy to record his debut album Answer Your Calling, which received rave reviews from even the harshest reggae and world music critics and gained him increased exposure worldwide. By his sole efforts, Answer Your Calling sold over 2,000 copies and 4,000 digital downloads around the world and spawned hit singles such as "Angel" and "Dreaming" which rode charts in Hawai'i for weeks. Internationally, Answer Your Calling went on to reach Number 2 in Brazil's Radio Reggae Trade's Top Reggae Albums of 2007 along with receiving the Roots Top Choice award by Roots Music. Nl in Holland. Joshua returned to his home island and was enthusiastically received by fans as he delivered captivating and powerful performances. The media warmly welcomed him with front page exposure and appearances on radio and TV shows including Hawaii's leading news channel, KHON. Joshua has just completed production on his highly anticipated sophomore album, Orchid Unknown, soon set for realease. Orchid Unknown is an uplifting ensemble of conscious music showcasing Joshua's profound evolution in arrangements and songwriting. His latest cuts taken from the album, "KEEP" and "Hold On" are already beginning to receive regular airplay in Hawaii, Continental U.S, Belgium, Portugal, Holland and West Africa. "...Not only can this humble Hawaiian man record great music, his on stage performances are charismatic and inspiring. Joshua Alo is just getting started" (Maui Times)

1.1 Feel It in the Air
1.2 Senses
1.3 Treasure in My Chest
1.4 Rhythm So Divine
1.5 Keep
1.6 You'll Never Know
1.7 Hold on
1.8 Orchid Unknown
1.9 Lukewarm
1.10 Be Free, Be True
1.11 Psalm 146
1.12 The Essence

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