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Joshua McCormack: Joshua McCormack Presents Holiday Girl

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Title: Joshua McCormack Presents Holiday Girl
Label: CD Baby

Forced to repeatedly move a pile of wood at an early age, Joshua McCormack none-the-less took time to figure out this contraption called music. Indoctrinated at a young age in the art of hair-metal fretboard wizardy, he grew older and sought alternate paths through the grand peaks and valleys of song. He hung around dirty pubs to watch Filipino country-blues masters, he crooned in front of Harley riders to test his resolve, he joined a modern gospel choir to hone his skills. He picked up the mannerisms of literary personas, he taught himself to play department store lap harps, he subscribed to news weeklies to find the songs within their pages. He's had a few decades on this earth so far and now he looks to the present to leave his mark. So he writes and sings and writes and sings some more, always seeking the wringing of the phrase, the twisting of the hand, the ebb and flow of spectacle in song. He's self-taught, an explorer of many instruments, a master of none, a pusher of all. He's always on the go musically, always arranging, rearranging, constructing, expressing. His notation is playing in his head as a film in which all the intruments animate themselves and know precisely which tone to sound next. He tries to keep the diary songs to a minimum... occasionally. Sometimes the facts of his life slip into the cracks in his character's personalities, but sometimes they just walk on by and leave footprints on the vocal track. He's assembled a few mates here and there to provide back up sonic canvas to his aural foregrounds. Utilizing any techniques necessary, they will assemble from ashes the very fine trimmings of a poor man's penthouse. They serve as his comrades and his defenders, his family and his army. Now he sends this letter to you... Alright, here's the real scoop: Joshua McCormack presents Holiday Girl. All songs written and performed by Joshua McCormack. Drums on 'Roland, Darling!' by Mike Ryan. Drums on 'anna in pajamas' by Edd Merkel. No animals were harmed. No yogurt was consumed. No one went skydiving. It was recorded in a dental crown workshop/laundry room. No joke. This CD comes in a DVD case and is a nice little Verbatim burned CD, being that Joshua McCormack may or may not be either cheap or poor. But it has all the lyrics! Four whole pages of them!

1.1 Charlena
1.2 Holiday Girl
1.3 Unmarked Bill
1.4 Muse
1.5 Tommy Friday
1.6 Roland, Darling!
1.7 Another Superman
1.8 Jack the Dashing
1.9 Amelia
1.10 Kid Million
1.11 Lady Allison
1.12 Wake Up Charlie!
1.13 Simple Aurora
1.14 Moonman
1.15 Anna in Pajamas
1.16 Brighter Day!

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