Josiah Ruff

Josiah Ruff: Let Me Be

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Josiah Ruff

Title: Let Me Be
Label: CD Baby

Are some people destined to be just a little different, just a little better at 'it' than the average joe?  Just born to be what so many wish they were, just meant to be what too many profess to be in vain?  Take Josiah Ruff, for example.  Born in Seattle, WA, November 15, 1980, he debuted with his first solo vocal performance at the Fresno Westside Church, at the age of 8 yrs. Old.  Piano lessons followed starting a year later; he eventually got around to voice lessons at the ripe old age of 14.  Although he was raised primarily in the Joaquin Valley area of California- Hanford to be precise, he was also sprinkled with some Southwestern seasoning when he lived in Texas for a four year stint.  Add in the classic Gospel influences of such legends as Andrae Crouch, The Winans, Take 6, and Chris Willis, along with other contemporary R&B artists such as Mariah Carey and Brian McKnight, and the formula for a born musician seems to brew a little stronger.  Stir in a vocal performance major at Oakwood College, stomping grounds of several of the above artists, and the aroma of success is undeniable. Did we mention the self-taught sax player and now novice guitarist is also a songwriter/producer who has performed across the globe from London, England to Harlem, New York at the World Famous Apollo Theatre, to the House of Blues in Los Angeles, CA? No?  Then we probably didn't mention that he has opened for artists as notable as Ricky Dillard, Dorinda Clark Cole, and Cindy Alexander, or that he has worked on projects for powerhouses like Yolanda Adams, and an American Idol finalist Season 4. Josiah has a powerful relevant message, reminding people of the love that God has for them, regardless of their imperfections. His themes hit home to so many, at a time when the search for meaning and acceptance is more popular than ever.  Songs such as 'Love Came Down', 'Run To Jesus' and 'Good To Be Loved' express a personal testimony of a believer in the greatest story ever told.  Encouragement, comfort, and true fulfillment in the love and joy of Christ are prevalent themes throughout his projects and his ministries.  Josiah claims that even the most 'fun' song on his up coming album is an up tempo record called ' All I Wanna Do', is still yet another opportunity to testify to the goodness of the Lord, born out of a challenge by his fiancé', now bride, to write 'one up tempo song in a major key'. With so much to sample, from the zesty collage of musical flavors this self-written and self-produced artist provides, why deprive oneself of a tangy mouthful? The pedigree seems to tell the story, but maybe, that's just the beginning.

1.1 All I Wanna Do
1.2 Everything
1.3 Let Me Be
1.4 Good to Be Loved
1.5 I Wanna Know
1.6 Great Is Your Love
1.7 I Don't Know
1.8 You Meant That
1.9 Love Came Down
1.10 Fall in
1.11 I Am Here
1.12 Save the World
1.13 His Love (Never Get Away)
1.14 I Will Do
1.15 Stand
1.16 Even If

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