Josie Phelan

Josie Phelan: Vsnaya Siren Songs of the Electric Cello

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Artist: Josie Phelan

Artist: Josie Phelan
Title: Vsnaya Siren Songs of the Electric Cello

\'...Or these are the songs that you wander - an ancient woods - to seek and find your way back home. Vivid landscapes, returns and departures, under the subtle gravity of the planets,... if only you will close your eyes.\' Josie Phelan is a classically trained musician who has gone on to embrace a wide variety of musical cultures and styles. On this compilation, Josie plays an electric, 5-stringed, Jensen cello, and a rare, bowed, Chinese Rijak. \'Vsnaya,\' ( vis-NII-ya, ) has emerged from her life\'s pursuits: \' Healing thru Music. \' ~~ Enjoy !

1.1 Faerie Dansa
1.2 Morning Mist Rising
1.3 Shadow Jumping
1.4 Winter's Hush
1.5 Weeping Mermaids
1.6 The Rites of Asherah
1.7 Eternal Sea
1.8 Bear (Naked) a
1.9 Duet with Dharma, I
1.10 Duet with Dharma, II
1.11 Spring Maiden
1.12 The Land Beyond the Forest
1.13 Lilith
1.14 Autumn of the Sidhe
1.15 Bear (Naked) B

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