Journey Home

Journey Home: Aint Got Long

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Artist: Journey Home

Artist: Journey Home
Title: Aint Got Long

A vibrant musical niche that few concert-goers are aware of thrives across the globe-a group of friends meeting to sing together in sweet, intuitive harmony. Journey Home did just that and Ain't Got Long is the delightful result.

1.1 Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down
1.2 Will You Miss Me
1.3 Blind Barnabus
1.4 Give Me Just a Little More Time
1.5 Ain't Got Long
1.6 When I Die
1.7 Garden Hymn
1.8 Oh, Death
1.9 Wondrous Love
1.10 Saints Delight
1.11 Pass Me Not
1.12 Weeping Mary
1.13 Two Coats
1.14 Where Shall I Be
1.15 Hark of All
1.16 Sons of Levi
1.17 As the Songbird
1.18 St. Stephen
1.19 Long Journey
1.20 Waiting for Me

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