Jr Guerra

Jr Guerra: Rebuild

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Jr Guerra

Title: Rebuild
Label: CD Baby

Songwriter, musician, producer, and engineer Jr Guerra has been involved in many different bands and musical projects since adolescence and today continues his musical life's journey through the exciting, uncertain path of original progressive rock music and the fight against evil. Blending musical influences from pioneer progressive rock groups like the Beatles, ELP, Genesis, Yes, etc. The Rebuild album takes on the challenge of creating interesting, original compositions with meaningful and multi-faceted lyrics covering a wide range of subjects from the 911 conspiracy and the rebuilding of the WTC to growing pains and reflections, the Iraq war, the loss of life and loved ones, regrets and lost opportunities in love, and hope for the future with a message to future generations. Honor The Dead - Demand The Truth - REBUILD !!

1.1 We Must
1.2 Rebuild
1.3 Taller Than Before
1.4 Reasons Being
1.5 Patterns
1.6 Unanswered Questions
1.7 One That Got Away
1.8 Escapes Me
1.9 Our Own Hands
1.10 Boxfull of Memories
1.11 Test Waves
1.12 A Different Light
1.13 Illuminati

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