Jr Kong

Jr Kong: 12 Inch Biscuit Press

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Jr Kong

Title: 12 Inch Biscuit Press
Label: CD Baby

A budding song writer, producer and DJ; Jr Kong\'s musical pursuit began at an early age. From playing in school bands, church choirs, to scoring music for film; Jr Kong's musical interest have been wide and varied. Musical influences and production styles include: Electronica, hip-hop and rock; often blurring the lines between musical style's and convention. A sound that might fit somewhere between DJ Shadow and some geeky guy; where alien cockroaches do the rumba at 175bpm. The debut album release of "12 inch biscuit press" is an electronic mix of urban styles with a distinct Kiwi vibe.

1.1 6 P.M. in the Morning
1.2 Train Spotting
1.3 Hegemony
1.4 Blues Interlude
1.5 Hosea
1.6 Lame Boy
1.7 Fallen Angel
1.8 Fallen Angel [Acoustic Version] [Version]
1.9 All's Well with the World
1.10 Last of the Summer Monkeys
1.11 All's Well with the World [Instrumental] [Instrumental]
1.12 144K Chambers

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