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Jt Money: PGP

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Artist: Jt Money

Artist: Jt Money
Title: PGP

Jeff Thompkins, better known by his stage name, J.T. Money, first made his presence known as a talented rapper in the Miami-based hip hop group Poison Clan, going all the way back to 1990 – shortly after being discovered by Luke Skyywalker of the 2 Live Crew in a Miami talent show. After a few personnel changes, J.T. became the main lyrical driving force of Poison Clan, and the group scored a huge hit with J.T.’s "Shake What Ya Mama Gave Ya," proving to be .one of the biggest hip-hop songs of the 1990’s. After two more albums and a string of hits with Poison Clan, J.T. started releasing albums under his own moniker, beginning with 1999’s classic “Pimpin’ On Wax.” It was from this album that J.T. scored the major hit single “Who Dat,” thus solidifying his stature in the hip-hop pantheon, achieving mainstream commercial success. J.T. released three more critically acclaimed albums throughout the mid-2000’s which kept his visibility in the hip-hop community intact. After a long hiatus, J.T. is back with the full length album P.G.P. (Pimpin' Gangsta Party), which may prove to be his finest moment yet. The 22 track album features guest appearances by Uncle Luke, DJ Suicide, Khia, Tophaz, Jenni Boggess, Rev. Cole Slaw, Amil, Bezel, Shawn Jay, Ogeezy, Marcell, Desloc Piccalo, 2 Face, Papa Dooda and Lewdrummin.

1.1 Pimptroduction (J.T.'s Theme) Feat. Tophaz
1.2 Get Yo Money
1.3 Ratchet Wit It (Feat. Bezel)
1.4 Interlude \X96 Gangsta
1.5 The Lick
1.6 The Path I Rode Feat. Tophaz
1.7 Interlude \X96 Pimpin'
1.8 Gangsta Matrimony Feat. Amil and Tophaz
1.9 I Get Paid Feat. Ogeezy and Shawn Jay
1.10 In Yo Mouf Feat. Khia
1.11 Waterfall Feat. Marcell
1.12 Interlude \X96 Pimp Service Feat. Rev. Cole Slaw
1.13 Wake Dese Hos Up
1.14 Stick and Vibe Feat. Desloc Piccalo and Tophaz
1.15 Mama Dearest Feat. Marcell
1.16 Gon' Get Betta Feat. Jenni Boggess
1.17 Interlude \X96 Party
1.18 Who's That DJ? Feat. Tophaz and 2 Face
1.19 Grown Folks Music Feat. Papa Dooda
1.20 Interlude \X96 Street Talk Feat. DJ Suicide and Lewdrummin
1.21 Let Me See Ya Feat. Uncle Luke
1.22 Get Yo Money (Dance Remix)

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