Juan M. Morones

Juan M. Morones: Mi Inspiracion

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Juan M. Morones

Title: Mi Inspiracion
Label: CD Baby

'Life has no meaning without music. Music has no meaning unless you share it.' Juan M. Morones Born in Chihuahua, Mexico, the melifluous and charismatic voice of Juan Morones charms audiences with his original composotions. His songs take you into a world of romance, joy and sensuality. And although love sometimes breaks your heart, you feel better in the end for having had the experience of true love. Other singers love to perform his romantic and philisophical songs as well. Mi Inspiracion is beautifully orchestrated by arranger John Cain (of 'Todo Latino' and 'Mas Latino' fame) and features guest solists Mustafa Suder from the Istanbul Symphony on viola, violin, clarinet and soprano sax, Violinist Robert Sandrom and trumpet extrordinaire Jeff Nevin. Other guest appearances by vocalist Kristi Rickert Peterson (whose CD is also available on cdbaby), fluatist Sylvia Reyes and bongo legend Dave Dhillon.

1.1 Chiquita Bonita
1.2 Hoy
1.3 Encanto
1.4 Una Madona
1.5 Mi Inspiracion
1.6 Sabre Esperar
1.7 Ni Ti Ni Yo
1.8 Mi Unico Sol
1.9 Pichelina Mia
1.10 Mi Claro Andar
1.11 Necedad
1.12 Una Raya
1.13 Dificil E Imposible
1.14 Extasis

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