Juan Mutant

Juan Mutant: Boris Karloff y Las Guadas

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Juan Mutant

Title: Boris Karloff y Las Guadas
Label: CD Baby

Nothing else but what am I doing in a situation like! Most of the times I got slept with a keyboard and also a PC programming every single step down in a sequencer into something that makes sense but you don't know it yet. That was all what it ment my mind in the future.Available in MP3.

1.1 Process Is State Terrorism or Terrorism of State
1.2 What Nonsense Is Can You Read My Mind?Radio Transmissors
1.3 The Day Is Is Over:Centers of Detention
1.4 Movie Star Be Quiet:Prisons
1.5 The Name of the Game Was... Did You Name
1.6 Something Else?Death from Natural Causes
1.7 What's Your Name You Son of a Bitch
1.8 What Happened to Identity
1.9 Never Loose:Death from Asfix
1.10 No Items Fullfill:Disguised in Rape
1.11 Change the Ah.Password
1.12 For That Thanks a Lot
1.13 No Names Represented in Time Please
1.14 Virus Threat Number Two
1.15 What You Mean By That?
1.16 Don't Mess with Me
1.17 Just a Friend... Ego!Emotional Chantage
1.18 Fraudolent Liasons Subventions
1.19 What a Way Down My Friend By Ilicit Fraud
1.20 K and K:Encovered Arrests
1.21 Silk:Turkish Revenge
1.22 Prophet:Uncovered Malicious Ilicit
1.23 Nine Inch Wat?Indemnisation on Terrorism
1.24 I Am Getting Sick:Finance
1.25 The Accident:Illegal Apremiums
1.26 Nothing Turned to Be the Truth
1.27 Unloyal Indemnisation
1.28 Real World Sponsors
1.29 What An Indianapolis Ilicit Asosiation of Inrichness Ilicits
1.30 One Little Two Little Three Little Indiands
1.31 I Will Change This Subventional Terrorism
1.32 What a Chaos
1.33 War in Yugoslavia:Trial Never Knows
1.34 Bad Temper Gets You in Trouble Nowadays
1.35 I Am Screwed Up
1.36 Sos:Special Treatment
1.37 Save Our Souls Items
1.38 Stock the Product Means
1.39 Indiferent Means
1.40 Archived Hermaphrodite
1.41 Infodata Afrodite
1.42 Nothing at All Means Erased in Rape
1.43 What Was This=?
1.44 Did Anybody Gave An Explanation About Why?
1.45 Little Dots Is Variable of Logarithm
1.46 Microbiotic Professionalism
1.47 Why?Thoughts on Trial
1.48 There Is No Reason
1.49 Idiot Fashion:School SM
1.50 Retarded:You Never Gave Me the Oportunity
1.51 I Can Hear You
1.52 Through the Spacehead
1.53 Now His Compu Is Working Fine
1.54 Time Error:Wrong Emphasis
1.55 Discordination in Sado Masoquism
1.56 Synchro:Lost in Translation
1.57 Think Also:Buy What?
1.58 Think for Yourself Item
1.59 What a Mess
1.60 Dots Means Hostage Refugee
1.61 Space Traps from Karaokeists
1.62 Come on in
1.63 Bad Experience:Mind Reader Abstraction
1.64 Don't Answer to That Question
1.65 Means Two Reasons Inventory
1.66 Investigate in What's Nonsense
1.67 This Reason Means Two
1.68 One the Idiotic
1.69 The Other Means Sense But
1.70 Seems the Other Makes Balance to What You Are
1.71 And to What You're Not
1.72 So You Are Not Being Taken Hostage?
1.73 The Fool in the End Turned to Be You
1.74 Historical Belief:Trans Atlantic Hostages
1.75 I Want to Change My Name
1.76 My Father Is Not Himself Anymore
1.77 Everybody Is Acting Sense
1.78 No Time Folks:Means Lies Preprogrammed in Order
1.79 Raus!Lies Dilema of Timeless Heroes
1.80 Get Me Out of Here
1.81 That Makes Sense
1.82 Timeless Heroes
1.83 Digital Maniac
1.84 Sexopath
1.85 The Path That Leads Nowhere But
1.86 Fatalism
1.87 Bad End
1.88 It Was a Bad Movie in the End for Alles
1.89 Bondage in Christianity Nowadays
1.90 The 90's
1.91 Krash!
1.92 Watch Out for That Idiot
1.93 This Means Something in the Brainnet
1.94 What a Disaster Means
1.95 Everyone Acting at the Same Time
1.96 Dadaism
1.97 Problem Kid
1.98 Problems Is You in the End
1.99 Meanings
1.100 Time Changed
1.101 Who You Are You're Not
1.102 This Trance
1.103 Translogic
1.104 Can't Go Out
1.105 The Sky Is Gone
1.106 Dream Synchro
1.107 Next Kick
1.108 Coffee Needs More Time
1.109 Driven to Dream Land
1.110 Dream Action Thought
1.111 Fatalistic

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