Juan Rios

Juan Rios: KO-OP1

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Juan Rios

Title: KO-OP1
Label: Melting Pot Music
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. We are happy to announce the first Ko-Op album. Ko-Op 1 highlights the talent of two of our favorite new producers from Sevilla, Spain and Stuttgart, Germany. Juan Rios's dreamy, sun-drenched grooves make a perfect fit with the slightly darker, jazz-induced sound of Smoke Trees. Juan Rios and Smoke Trees represent the new wave of European beatmakers and reach 200,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. The album artwork has been designed by Berlin-based illustrator Rahel Süsskind (best known for her work with Money $ex Records) and comes with two front covers. The LP is limited to 500 copies. Ko-Op is a new community for beatmakers and beat lovers brought to you by Melting Pot Music. Ko-Op is open to all styles, flavors, camps and colors. Ko-Op is neither a label nor a compilation, but we are releasing music digitally and on vinyl. Every Tuesday a new Ko-Op beat hits the interweb. An integral part of Ko-Op is the curation of two dynamic playlists on Spotify and Soundcloud - where we spotlight the freshest beats from all around the way.

1.1 Clay
1.2 Estrella
1.3 Journey To Another Planet
1.4 Origen
1.5 Clockwise
1.6 Dream Trip
1.7 Outro
1.8 Redux
1.9 Revell
1.10 Anytime I See
1.11 Sunny Daze
1.12 Sardine
1.13 Navajo
1.14 Diario
1.15 Eight
1.16 Intersomnia
1.17 Seven
1.18 The Other
1.19 Spiritualized

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