Jude the Innocent

Jude the Innocent: Impaired By Your Convictions

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Artist: Jude the Innocent
Title: Impaired By Your Convictions

The debut release from this Arlington-based trio uses hard-edged acoustic instrumentation to produce intricately-arranged melodic rock songs that defy classification by any single genre. The sound is hard to pigeonhole, but if you take the rawness of The Violent Femmes and cross it with the panache of The Clash, back-cross that to the uniqueness of Okkervil River, and then inbreed that to it's second cousin (insert your favorite band name here), you might have something that sounds like Jude the Innocent. Epic narratives artfully interwoven with unconventional ballads result in a listening experience that is, at once, deceptively simple and complex.

1.1 Giant's Drink
1.2 Suffer the Ride
1.3 Hangover Diplomacy
1.4 Entropy = U
1.5 The Grand Inquisitor
1.6 Mascletá
1.7 Under the Table
1.8 Title
1.9 Tiger Lily
1.10 Burn Wards and Memorial Museums
1.11 Venus: Ending
1.12 Whiskey Division
1.13 Jude and the Soiled Love Affair

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