Judge Cryptic

Judge Cryptic: Nuclear Winter

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Judge Cryptic

Title: Nuclear Winter
Label: CD Baby

Cryptic's been in the game since he was 8 years old. Working in Rock N' Reel Recording Studios, where he got to learn rap from fellow studio customers such as Redman, EPMD, Gza, Rza, etc. He ran under several names but Judge Cryptic stuck (j.c. his real initials) and finally released his debut, CD 'Organized Doom' featuring appearances by Castro the Savage and Diskize. Repping the hardcore/hardgore east coast style, he reigns from NYC/Long Island and has more albums to come soon, those being 'An Artistic Funeral' and 'Death in the Afterlife'. With new collabs with artists like Goretex of Non-Phixion So keep your eyes peeled, because they're commin' with many more after....

1.1 The Minute of Mind Loss
1.2 Seven Heads and Ten Horns
1.3 God Eat God W/Screwtape
1.4 Operation Worship
1.5 Freak Accidents
1.6 Backstab
1.7 Machete Swing
1.8 Skulls
1.9 City of Bones
1.10 Gang Related W/Screwtape
1.11 Misery Loves Company W/Kardiac
1.12 The Victim Exhibition
1.13 I Wanna Sex You
1.14 See You with the Worms
1.15 Saw
1.16 Weapons of Mass Destrution W/ Mr. Morbid
1.17 Hall of Confusion
1.18 Sleep of the Weary

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