Judith Day

Judith Day: Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation

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Artist: Judith Day

Artist: Judith Day
Title: Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation

Judith Day teaches meditation as a way to connect with your human nature with gentle honesty. She has practiced mindfulness meditation since 1975 and has been offering classes and retreats, both privately and through Kaiser-Permanente, since 1990. Trained for over thirty years in Buddhist, Christian, and secular traditions, Judith has produced 3 CDs that combine ancient wisdom and contemporary medical and psychological concepts in a simple, down-to-earth fashion. In addition to teaching meditation Judith is a psychotherapist in Santa Rosa and Napa, California.

1.1 Introduction to the Course
1.2 Sitting Meditation - Preparation
1.3 Guided Sitting Meditation
1.4 Discussion of Sitting Meditation
1.5 Walking Meditation - Preparation
1.6 Guided Walking Meditation
1.7 Discussion of Walking Meditation
1.8 Closing of Disc One
1.9 Changing Focus - Preparation
1.10 Guided Meditation in Changing Focus
1.11 Discussion of Changing Focus
1.12 Heartfulness Meditation - Preparation
1.13 Guided Heartfulness Meditation
1.14 Difficulties in Practice
1.15 Mindfulness in Daily Life and Course Closing
1.16 Closing Meditation

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