Judy Niemack

Judy Niemack: About Time

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Artist: Judy Niemack

Artist: Judy Niemack
Title: About Time

The Critics on JUDY NIEMACK: 'A JAZZ SINGER WITH A PERFECTLY GLORIOUS VOICE! ' Bob Harrington, New York Post 'She combines the best of both worlds; a cabaret singer's respect for the melody as written and a jazz singer's eagerness to have a go at it. ' Francis Davis, Village Voice '...a musician's musician. Her creative odyssey provides a fascinating illustration of the high road to mastery that transcends the limitation of genre...' K. Leander Williams, Down Beat '...she is a most accomplished singer, displaying a relaxed, assured delivery; impeccable diction; dead-sure pitch; an inviting, slightly moist timbre; skill at scatting and melodic improvisation; and ability to communicate the message of the lyric.' Tex Wyndham, West Coast Rag '...one of the most versatile and provocative singers.....with a keen jazz sensitivity.' John. S. Wilson, New York Times 'Good jazz singers bring their own special construction to each tune they sing. To this they add the skill of improvisation without destroying the meaning of the lyrics and, above all else, they sing in tune; OK, meet Judy Niemack-jazz singer!' Barry McRae, Jazz Journal 'Vocalist Judy Niemack never veers from her path as she leads you through an ethereal labyrinth, exploring dark harmonies, classically-tinged jazz melodies and shifting rhythms...Her dynamically delivered three -octave vocals soar above superb accompaniment.......' Nancy Ann Lee, JazzTimes 'She puts over a tune with passion and singular phrasing. She slaloms with streamlined precision through tricky be-bop lines and changes. She twists, turns, scats, leaps and bounds with Olympian grace....displaying admirable control, balance and understatement.....Classy' G. Kalbacher, Hot House 'This lady can really sing!' Norman Simmons, pianist for Joe Williams 'Exquisite intonation, tasteful interpretations and improvisations guided by a sensitivity for dynamics..' Leslie Gourse, JazzTimes 'Her level of performance is extremely high......she endeavors both to get inside the lyrics and explore the chord structure, as do all true jazz singers.' Peter Gamble, Jazz Journal 'To my mind, Judy Niemack is one of the best, and purest jazz singers ever. Besides a voice with the clarity of a mountain stream, accuracy of pitch and time that is a wonder to hear, perfect diction and sensitivity to lyrics, she has a disciplined improvisational gift that makes her scat-sung lines music .....' S. Chamberlain, L.A. Jazz Scene 'You need have no reservations about Judy Niemack, a young veteran of the New York club scene who epitomizes the term 'jazz singer'. Niemack's irrepresible swing, savvy scatting and dead-on intonation allow her to improvise solos that seem more horn than voice....her way with a lyric will warm the hearts of both romantics and musical adventurers as she tames tough jazz lines written for saxes, not singers.'. Neil Tesser, Playboy Jazz 'Judy has an inner sweetness to her voice....and a jazz edge. The combination is effective. She's musically sophisticated. She befriends the pulse and interacts with jazz musicians well. She draws from feelings and experiences, using melodies by jazz composers...as her basis for creativity..........' Burt Korall...International Musician 'Niemack sings sprightly and thrillingly as an oriole, with a rich, firm tone and light vibrato.....(she) scats better then nearly everyone; she's really one with the band.' Down Beat 'Judy Niemack digs deeply into the innards of the compositional body eclectic and makes no detectable missteps; She crosses her Rubicon with the grace and confidence of those who know just where the shallows are and, therefore, appear to walk on water.....' Alan Bargebuhr, Cadence 'Niemack has a beautiful voice and a wide range; she sounds wonderful........' L.A. Jazz SCENE ''To hear Judy Niemack's immaculate delivery of poetic romance and lilting spirit from the classic American songbook is to believe she was weaned on it.' Stuart Troup, New York Newsday a provocative improvisor, whether she is scatting or using lyrics, making good use of her sparkling high notes .......' John Wilson, New York Times 'Her taste is impeccable. She has a dead-center emotional honesty. There is a wide range of self-expression, if that kind which is possible only when the instrument is under complete control.' Harry Schroeder, Island Life 'Niemack has a skillful and original talent that is just beginning to be recognized by jazz and popular music critics. Her sense of pitch is poised, her timing nonchalantly perfect and she has the knack of interpreting a lyric that belongs to the first rank of singers.' GRAMOPHONE '.....with a voice as well suited to the Broadway stage as a small nightclub, Niemack's personalized statements over haunting melodies mandate a badly needed trend for current jazz-based vocal music'. Rozzi, Jazz News 'Her voice evokes a blend of innocence and worldliness...breathtaking... Niemackís wiliness and wit emerges in the repertoire as well as her sassy delivery...she is one who clearly selects material that captures her heart and mind..' Deni Kasrel, Jazz Times.

1.1 Talk Awhile (Album Version)
1.2 Sometime Ago (Album Version)
1.3 Time After Time (Album Version)
1.4 Where or When (Album Version)
1.5 Some Other Time (Album Version)
1.6 As Time Goes By (Album Version)
1.7 Round Midnight (Album Version)
1.8 Time to Live (Album Version)
1.9 Tomorrow's Another Day (Album Version)
1.10 Time Remembered (Album Version)
1.11 I Didn't Know What Time It Was (Album Version)
1.12 Quiet Now (Album Version)

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