Juice Aleem

Juice Aleem: Voodu Starchild

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Artist: Juice Aleem

Artist: Juice Aleem
Title: Voodu Starchild
Product Type: VINYL LP

Juice Aleem, the voice that launched Big Dada Recordings is back with quite possibly his strongest work to date. The new album Voodu Starchild features contributions from Roots Manuva, Mike Ladd, Ebu Blackitudue, H. Prizm, Kashmere, Naomi Whelan, Myka 9, Naomi Whelan & Abigail Amoako, and Tie TLP, Damali Young & Kuba.

1.1 Voodustarchild
1.2 Big Stuffs!
1.3 Anumal
1.4 Antiuatu
1.5 The Watchers
1.6 Witch Doctors (With Kashmere)
1.7 The Ritual
1.8 Shadowless Rides Again (With Ebu Blackitudue)
1.9 Control All Gates
1.10 Voodumagneticmemory (With Naomi Whelan)
1.11 Warriors
1.12 My Jesus Got Gold Teeth (With Myka 9)
1.13 Manuka Honey (With Naomi Whelan ; Abigail Amoako)
1.14 Voodugang (With Tie TLP, Damali Young ; Kuba)
1.15 Erzulie's Exorcism
1.16 Don't Fear the Snakebite
1.17 Moor Masters (With Ebu Blackitude ; H. Prizm)
1.18 Human Sacrafice
1.19 Moorkaba Lightbikes
1.20 Anunaqiarri

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