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Artist: Jules Anna Jones
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Jules' album is a songwriter's album. It's a musical journey through ten well-written, beautifully rendered compositions, each with it's own moods and colors. Deep grooves, evocative vocals, killer lyrics, and memorable melodies all tied together by the thread and thoughts of a single writer. Jules isn't new to the business. Many years of studying classical piano led to a slightly different musical career of a composer and singer/songwriter. The last few years have included composing several movie scores, including a Jeff Daniels film. Then there's an arrangement credit on each of Jeff's two solo albums as well. In 2006, Jules wrote a song called 'Possibilities' that was recorded by American Idol, Taylor Hicks. After years of writing music for others, this CD is different. 'This was my chance to finally do everything exactly as I felt it....to do it my own way and be true to myself' she says. 'It's music just for the sake of music, saying what I wanted to say.' She and producer Mark Miller have created a fresh, varied, introspective and timeless album. It's funky and playful; moving and deeply emotional. It's destined to become a favorite part of your music library. Check it out! Review: 'I have known Jules for some time now. But after listening to her new CD, I see her through very different eyes, and hear in her voice a hundred subtleties I never knew were there. In her music she growls, she asserts, she flirts, she gets personal. Most of all, she makes me want to fall in love. And quite skillfully, she does it all in a way that's original and very cool. This is clearly the work of a woman who has some life under her belt; a woman who has loved, lost, loved, and won. It is also the work of a woman with a wicked-ass sense of humor ('Where is James Bond?' -I mean, how fabulous can you get?) Jules' voice is a voice that reveals. Sometimes it's sadness. Sometimes it's pure joy. But always, there's a disarming authenticity that makes you impatient to hear the next line, the next song, the next surprise. Appropriately enough, she chose to title her CD 'View.' After listening to it, you can see so much. I did.' -Lou Schiavone Creative Director Journalist.

1.1 Lay Your Hands on Me
1.2 Ask Me
1.3 Where Is James Bond
1.4 Other Side of Me
1.5 Morning/A Hymn for Her
1.6 Much Ado
1.7 GQ Man
1.8 View
1.9 Clich
1.10 I'm Sorry

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