Julia Audretch: Audretch, Julia : Into the Unknown

Julia Audretch: Audretch, Julia : Into the Unknown
Title: Audretch, Julia : Into the Unknown
Label: CD Baby

Julia is a piano-based performing songwriter, known for her thought-provoking lyrics and her unusual pop/rock string quartet arrangements. Her first CD, 'Order in the Chaos' (2000) was happily received by fans and critics. 'Into the Unknown' (2008) is her latest project. Scott Reinwand has been co-producer for both releases. Notes from Julia: This has been a very intimate project. Though I do reflect on social issues and the state of the world some, there are songs here that touch on my most tender private self. I've included a song about my brother, who is autistic/schizophrenic, and another about failing in one of life's most important relationships--pretty heavy stuff. But then on the other hand, I show my whacky side a lot in songs like "The Way the World Works", "Round" and "Art of the Sublime". Mixed in with all that-- I've sprinkled in songs about hope and trying again and seeing beyond the day to day obvious existence. It ended up being sort of a diverse life soundtrack. I wanted to say it in a fresh and unexpected way. Tell me what you think.

1.1 Final Curse
1.2 Sacred Suffering
1.3 Get Myself Up
1.4 Crazy
1.5 The Way the World Works
1.6 Carry Me
1.7 Dichotomy
1.8 I Am Me
1.9 Hidden Pictures
1.10 Round
1.11 A Way to Say I Love You
1.12 Art of the Sublime
1.13 Into the Unknown/4 Year Old Insight

Julia Audretch: Audretch, Julia : Into the Unknown

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