Julian Sas

Julian Sas: Wandering Between Worlds

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Julian Sas

Artist: Julian Sas
Title: Wandering Between Worlds

1.1 Resurrection
1.2 Funky News
1.3 Ain't No Change
1.4 Sailin' Into the Unknown
1.5 Turpentine Moan
1.6 Burnin' Soul
1.7 The Way It Goes
1.8 Can't Settle Down
1.9 Sugarcup Boogie
1.10 Blues for J
1.11 I Take What I Want
1.12 The Devil Got My Number
1.13 This Time, My Time
1.14 Boogie All Around
2.1 First Rays (CD)
2.2 Helpin' Hand (CD)
2.3 Blues for the Lost ; Found (CD)
2.4 That's Enough for Me (CD)
2.5 Morning Rain (CD)

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