Julianne: One Aching Kiss

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Julianne

Title: One Aching Kiss
Label: CD Baby

Julianne has been writing music for several years and has currently written over twenty songs. 'One Aching Kiss . . .' is her first full-length CD, but she hopes to produce several others in the coming years. She describes her goal in her musical career in the following manner: 'to touch as many people with my music as I can.' Her music is filled with strong emotions and powerful thoughts. Listening to it is like wrapping yourself in a dreamworld where fantasy and reality overlap for just a brief moment. It will capture you and won't let go.

1.1 Come What May
1.2 Here
1.3 For You
1.4 Siren
1.5 Intention
1.6 Song for Puerto Rico
1.7 So Deep
1.8 Standing

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