Julie Jamieson

Julie Jamieson: Drive

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Artist: Julie Jamieson

Artist: Julie Jamieson
Title: Drive

Original electric guitar-based instrumental music with classical & modern influences. The music in "Drive", which has been described as "Vangelis meets Van Halen", transcends the boundaries of any single musical style, cultural influence, or instrument. This can be heard from the stirring contrast of electric guitars and church bells in "Redemption" to the moody pipe organ and orchestral strings in "Affected", from the energizing and futuristic sounds of "Dream Factory" to the relaxing, uplifting, and very popular "Angels in the Rain". This music is a fitting companion for any journey. Reflect, dream, feel the music. Experience DRIVE.

1.1 Redemption
1.2 The Four Elements
1.3 Crossroads
1.4 Dream Factory
1.5 Castilian Sky
1.6 Overdrive
1.7 A New Age
1.8 Highland
1.9 Interruptions
1.10 Angels in the Rain
1.11 Horizon
1.12 Affected
1.13 Techtronic
1.14 Seascape

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