Julie Meixsell Anne

Julie Meixsell Anne: Songs of Innocence-Lullabies for Us All

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Artist: Julie Meixsell Anne
Title: Songs of Innocence-Lullabies for Us All

Listen....and be softly gathered into the arms of motherly comfort and peace....where dreams are born and angels kiss the heads of sleeping children.....of all ages.

1.1 Lullaby
1.2 The Cradle Is Ready
1.3 Ho Ho Watanay
1.4 Baby's Bed's a Silver Moon
1.5 Baby Mine
1.6 By'm Bye
1.7 Little Boy Blue
1.8 Toora, Loora, Loora
1.9 Dance, Little Baby
1.10 Turn Around
1.11 Baloo, Baleerie
1.12 Sleep, My Baby
1.13 The Gartan Mother's Lullaby
1.14 Golden Slumbers
1.15 Tender Shepherd
1.16 Suo Gan (Lullaby)
1.17 Sleep, My Little One
1.18 Go to Sleep, My Jamie
1.19 O Sweetly Does My Baby Sleep
1.20 Now the Day Is Over

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