Julien Kasper

Julien Kasper: Trance Groove

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Julien Kasper

Title: Trance Groove
Label: Toulcat Records

Trance Groove is the new CD by eclectic Boston guitar virtuoso Julien Kasper. The album features the rhythm section of bassist Jesse Williams and drummer Zac Casher who are joined by organist T Lavitz of the Dixie Dregs & Widespread Panic on one track and organist Matt Jenson on two cuts. "Trance Groove" features Julien's strongest playing and writing to date as Julien's guitar is the nuanced, expressive voice of this all instrumental release with the textures, grooves and sounds being rooted in blues/rock and funk while the interplay of the musicians, chromatic sensibility, and intertwining themes reveal high level jazz players displaying a rare marriage of virtuosity and musicality.

1.1 Trance Groove
1.2 Chupacabra
1.3 The Reverend
1.4 Trash Day
1.5 Abyssinia
1.6 Milk Truck
1.7 The Bumpus
1.8 Riff 53
1.9 Carolina Rosa

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