Juliet Stratton

Juliet Stratton: Heaven & Earth

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Juliet Stratton

Title: Heaven & Earth
Label: CD Baby

When, in the setting sun, the streams are rosy, And when a warm breeze floats over the fields of gold, A message to enjoy life seems to emanate from all things, And lifts the troubled heart. -an excerpt from Debussy's 'Beau Soir' This CD combines the elegant and celestial sounds of the harp with the virtuosic melodies of the violin, cornet, trumpet, flute, cello, voice, and string quintet. The Artists featured are top musicians from the Pacific Northwest, Seattle Symphony, and Pacific Northwest Ballet; Juliet Stratton, Harp - tracks 1 - 9 Simon James, Violin - tracks 3, 5, 8, 9 Charles Butler, Cornet and Trumpet tracks 1, 7 Davida Kagen, Soprano - track 6 Karla Flygare, Flute - track 4 Page Smith, Cello - track 4, 9 John Pilskog, Violin - track 9 Constance Whitman Gee, viola - track 9 Buell Niedlinger, double bass - track 9 RECORDED JULY 22-26, 2002 IN THE ILLSLEY BALL NORDSTORM RECITAL HALL AT BENAROYA HALL; HOME OF THE SEATTLE SYMPHONY. For complete detailed biographies, and mp3s of all selections please visit website.

1.1 Soiree de St. Petersbourg, Romance Op. 23
1.2 Ten Pieces, Op. 12 No. 7
1.3 Fantaisie Op. 124
1.4 At Dusk
1.5 Beau Soir
1.6 Cinq Melodies Populaires Grecques
1.7 Piece en Forme de Habenera
1.8 Meditation from Thais
1.9 Danse Sacree Et Danse Profane

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