Jungle Room

Jungle Room: Jungle Room

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Jungle Room

Title: Jungle Room
Label: CD Baby

Swing, vocal jazz, Italian restaurant music, R&B, rockabilly, lounge and time travel. The band originated in 1994 in Memphis with the motto 'Jungle Room is the place in your mind with lime green shag carpet where you can have anything you want.' The band's skills were honed from many years of playing in places where you wouldn't even want to use the restroom. Play 'Soul Shake' in your red convertible at full blast, with the top down. You will be a babe/stud magnet. Why? It's just sexy, that's all. And you'll look great and sound exquisite. Missing New York in the 1950s? We can't remember it personally, but the song 'Sunday in Central Park' is an audio painting come to life. And since we're from the South, it really throws 'em when we closely harmonize about NYC in a fairly thick Southern accent. If it's vast wealth that adds to your allure, 'Argyle Socks' is for you. Bask in Cuban cigar smoke, Concorde commuting, stock portfolios and conservative haberdashery. Hey, to really impress the opposite sex, take a spin around the dance floor with the 'Be My Baby Cha Cha.' Just melts 'em. The luscious solo and resigning sigh is courtesy of Nancy Powers, a guest artist on the CD. In the 1960s she was in the original Broadway version of 'Cabaret' as the trombonist in the Kit Kat Club. Today this grande dame of the 'bone lives in Memphis and still plays in jazz clubs in the U.S. and abroad. Of course, there is much more but with your looks, raw talent and 'Jungle Room' you will be unstoppable.

1.1 Soul Shake
1.2 And Her Tears Flowed Like Wine
1.3 Sunday in Central Park
1.4 Thunder Road
1.5 Beyond the Sea
1.6 Surrender
1.7 Argyle Socks
1.8 Be My Baby Cha Cha
1.9 Come On-A My House
1.10 I Wanna Know

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