Junior Vasquez

Junior Vasquez: Earth Music

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Artist: Junior Vasquez

Artist: Junior Vasquez
Title: Earth Music

Junior Vasquez, world renown remixed, producer and turntablist at Club Exit, the large club in the United States joins forces with Tommyboy for the release of Earth Music. Featuring three original productions from Junior Vasquez featuring Billy Ray Martin, Sabrina Johnston and the single Ghostland and Sinead O'Connor and Lectroluv.

1.1 Intro: Welcome to Earth
1.2 Keep Control - Sono
1.3 Believer (Outstanding Remix) - Ke'
1.4 Dirty Dancing (Robbie Rivera Fierce Remix) - Product G;B
1.5 Guide Me God - Ghostland Feat. Sinead O'Connor ; Natasha Atlas
1.6 Systems of Silence - Billie Ray Martin
1.7 Alive - Kevin Aviance
1.8 House Music - Luis Radio Feat. Sabrina Johnston
1.9 My Imagination - Ceevox
1.10 Movin - Octahvia
1.11 Movin' on - Lectroluv
1.12 Fire - Dolce
1.13 Absolutely Not - Deborah Cox
1.14 Outro

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