Junkhouse: Rounders

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Junkhouse

Title: Rounders
Label: Sony BMG

One of the dominant bands on the North Country rock scene, Junk house forged their unlikely blend of swampified boogie, punkabilly and power blues in the Canadian steel town of Hamilton, Ontario a no nonsense, blue-collar burg that has been stung by the recession, bloodied but unbowed. The group's members are all veterans of Hamilton's local scene, with leader Tom Wilson having spent time on the town's folk circuit as a singer/songwriter as well as with psychobilly bar band and major local attraction, the Florida Razors. Sony. 2005.

1.1 Out of My Head
1.2 Garbage Night
1.3 Praying for the Rain
1.4 Fuck #In Up (Live)
1.5 Gimmie the Love
1.6 Burn for You
1.7 Joyride
1.8 Burned Out Car
1.9 Be Someone
1.10 Sky Is Falling
1.11 This Old Man's Too Drunk to Drive (Live)
1.12 Pearly White
1.13 Oh What a Feeling
1.14 Big Brown Turtle
1.15 Brown Shoe
1.16 Praying for the Rain (Rain Jam Edit)
1.17 Jesus Sings the Blues
1.18 Tiger Balm
1.19 Shine

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