Jus Zo: Wine Yu Body

Jus Zo: Wine Yu Body
Title: Wine Yu Body
Label: CD Baby

To follow my dream in the music business! Most importantly, changing who I am and what I do, any dream is achievable.' Zo's Reggae Dance Hall Style music is composed from his life experiences with music within his family and his desire to be apart of his lifelong dream since his childhood listening to Reggae artists from Jamaica: Marvin Gaye, Mary Well s, The Gap Band, and also Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Gregorey Isaac. 'Changes in Life' from runnin' & gunnin' on the streets of South Central Los Angles with his Home Boys hangin' in the hood, slangin' & bangin' where crime and drugs run rampid. Ironically his runnin' & gunnin' lead to incarceration in the County Jail where his fate to be a musician went from dream to reality. Through this humbling experience and meeting the producer Levi Zebi. Music Business Dream 'I was always very LaMa, or hungry, for music. Changing his life, and following his dream kicked off with the release of his first single in 1992 - 'Sex Talk' 'I give many credits to Levi, to see who I am he coined my stage name Jus Zo' Zo recorded his first tape & CD - 'Wine Yu Body' in 1992. 'Business and family is all apart of my dream.' His business plate has been full: Radio interviews, tapes in record stores in the States of Washington & California, and in parts of the country of Belize. Meeting Peggy in 1994, and slowing down his life style and to live another day, he moved to Salt Lake City, Utah in 1996 and started a family with Peggy. Their first born, Deion Francisco, in 1996 and soon to follow Candice Francisco, in 1998. In addition he started the 'Candeion' clothing line. Not to mention writing his own book 'Changes in Life' And now in 2003, he is living the dream, and released the remake of 'Wine Yu Body' on CD.

1.1 Wine Yu Body
1.2 Free We
1.3 Tanya Mi Love
1.4 Jump Fu Jah
1.5 Sex Talk Vocal
1.6 Wine Yu Body (Instrumental)

Jus Zo: Wine Yu Body

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