Justin Bell

Justin Bell: You Up in Lights

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Justin Bell

Title: You Up in Lights
Label: CD Baby

In January of 2003, Justin Bell dubbed his rotating gang of musical conspirators 'Lazy Susan', and released his most complete work to date - 'you...up in lights'. Anchored by the drumming and vocal harmonies of longtime collaborator Ben Young, Lazy Susan provides the perfect backdrop for Justin's memorable, Americana-inspired song structures and guitar solos. Easily accessible for fans of groups like the Jayhawks, Wilco, Counting Crows, and the Peacemakers, 'you...up in lights' carries the listener through countless tales of a road-weary traveler. From the rocking chorus of the single 'Tight Spot' to the gentle country swing of 'One Taste', this record has something for everyone. Bell's playful vocal melodies enliven thoughtful lyrics: 'I never knew much, about the open skies...but I can name all of the constellations in your eyes.' And the fun doesn't stop there! Check out the danceable blues number 'Don't You Need Me', the buddy-time song 'Kings of Nothing' (a song destined to be in a Farrelly Brothers movie soundtrack), and the flat-out rocker 'On the Line', a song written about everyone's favorite time of day: being put on hold. Shortly after the release of 'you...up in lights', the Lazy Susan turned once again, with bassist Mike Dolbow and guitarist Rob Weaver joining the lineup. Suddenly the Lazy Susan live show became the thing to see in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, fueling a slew of gigs throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin and continuous sales of the new record. If you like the record, be sure to check out the web site, and catch Justin Bell and Lazy Susan when they visit your hometown!

1.1 Back to You
1.2 I Won't Listen Then
1.3 Tight Spot
1.4 Kings of Nothing
1.5 Stayed the Same for Days
1.6 One Taste
1.7 Don't You Need Me
1.8 Cannon Balls ; Cinder Blocks
1.9 The Way You Complicate Things Makes Me Smile
1.10 Late Night Radio
1.11 Interlude #1
1.12 On the Line
1.13 Better Off
1.14 Three Songs Ago
1.15 You Are

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