Justin Bonar-Bridges: Truth Be Told

Justin Bonar-Bridges: Truth Be Told
Title: Truth Be Told
Label: CD Baby

Truth be told, Irish music is the language of my heart. Though I have only known the country as a visitor, the tune and song of the older generations are more my home than any physical location. Many past musicians, geographically displaced, found the same solace in the music. Their playing was rarely characterized by an obsession with technical precision and dazzlement, but rather by an outpouring of the heart. They expressed their personal joys and sorrows through the tunes, but respected the tradition passed on by those that came before them. It is my intention to do the same with this offering. - Justin Bonar-Bridges Cincinnati fiddler Justin Bonar-Bridges has been listening carefully for a long time to the great Irish traditional musicians, past and present, while quietly building a reputation among those who know the music best. Now he's released his first solo CD, and it's a gem of an album that was well worth waiting for. His deep understanding of the music and careful attention to details of phrasing and ornamentation are apparent, but what really distinguishes this recording is Justin's great musicality. In an era where most traditional music recordings feature bands and heavy-handed arrangements, Justin has taken another, bolder route, with most tracks played solo or lightly accompanied on bouzouki or guitar, allowing the tunes themselves to take precedence. I'm delighted to hear this fine CD and I highly recommend it. - Randal Bays, Seattle.

1.1 The Drunken Gauger / Maid on the Green
1.2 O'Mahoney's / Cronin's
1.3 The Banks of Sullane
1.4 The Horse's Leotard / Connaughtman's Rambles / Pipe on the Hob
1.5 The Old Copperplate / Paddy Fahy's
1.6 Glenbeigh / Kilnamona
1.7 Templehouse / College Groves
1.8 Breeches Mary / Martin's One-Horned Cow / the Rose in the Heather
1.9 Kitty Goes a Milking / Sporting Nell
1.10 Banish Misfortune / Morrison's
1.11 A Fair Wind
1.12 Father Dollard's / the Fiddler's Contest
1.13 Porthole of the Kelp / Mother's Delight
1.14 The Donnybrook Fair / Paddy Carty's Favorite / Tatter Jack Walsh
1.15 The Lobster
1.16 The Ragged Hank of Yarn / West Clare Railway / My Love Is in America
1.17 Caoineadh Na DTRÍ Muire (The Lament of the Three Marys)

Justin Bonar-Bridges: Truth Be Told

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