Justin Kline

Justin Kline: Triangle/Six Songs

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Artist: Justin Kline

Artist: Justin Kline
Title: Triangle/Six Songs

'don't leave the house or car with this being the last you heard because it will monopolize your brain' (Absolute Powerpop) 'feels so-o-o--o--o good' (Teenage Kicks) 'glorious sunshiney pop' (Bag of Songs) 'whimsical, melodic, shiny affairs and if you're a fan of the Andy Sturmer-Roger Manning Jr type of clean and happy pop song, then this EP is definitely for you' (Power of Pop) 'If I had an award for New Song Of The Week, then 'Baby, You're A Mess' would win it. Easily.' (Peter's Power Pop)

1.1 Baby, You're a Mess
1.2 Please Go Away
1.3 Alison, We Cannot Be Friends
1.4 Coffee Song
1.5 All I Need
1.6 Heart Attack
1.7 How I Became the Wind
1.8 Kaleidoscope
1.9 Singing in the Air
1.10 Sunshine
2.1 Justin Kline Powerpop CD Power Pop Indie Rock
2.2 Psychedelic Psych Pop

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