Justin Roth: Now You Know

Justin Roth: Now You Know
Title: Now You Know
Label: CD Baby

After the last seven years of constant nationwide touring, Justin Roth stepped off the road and retreated to the foothills of Colorado to a small house equipped with a wood burning stove, no internet access, no cell service, and his modest home studio set-up to write and record a new album. Learning how to engineer as he went, Roth took advantage of his 'off the studio clock' freedom to experiment with his music like never before, and began to record, produce, sing and play every single note on the album entirely on his own. Leaving the confines of 'pristine and perfect' behind, Roth instead delivers the intimacy of a home recording, but with textured arrangements and layered vocals (ala Bon Iver) hung tastefully around his alternately tuned and fingerpicked guitar. As to be expected by those familiar with Roth's previous releases, his guitar playing is paramount throughout and shines brightly on the two instrumental pieces. Raiding the kitchen and shed for 'instruments,' including a cardboard box, a 3 qt. Sauce pan, and an aluminum gutter, in addition to incorporating subtle textures from more conventional instruments, the album came to life showcasing his most personal and emotional work to date. Boldly beginning with the two moodiest pieces of the whole album, Roth sculpts and reveals the expansive yet simply textured sonic palette of how these songs live inside his head without ever becoming over-produced. Bridging both contemporary and indie/alt folk, 'Now You Know' paints pictures and tells stories of a journey of loss, hope, fear, forgiveness and redemption. Now you know.

1.1 This Winter
1.2 Now You Know
1.3 Surrender
1.4 Out of the Blue (The Orchard)
1.5 The Last Time
1.6 Spaghetti Junction
1.7 Trembling Like a Train
1.8 The Siskiyou Line
1.9 Forgiveness
1.10 There and Back Again
1.11 Love's Not Through with Me Yet

Justin Roth: Now You Know

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