Justin Smith

Justin Smith: Carousel

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Artist: Justin Smith

Artist: Justin Smith
Title: Carousel

Timeless is often used to describe Justin's music. He considers his style of music to be Folk-Hop, a blend of folk, rock and hip-hop that are like nothing you have ever heard. Though known for being an excellent guitar player, his songwriting and intimate vocals are what set him apart from other artists. While most people only listen to music, when it comes to Justin's, you feel it. The clever word play over catchy melodies keep you listening time and time again. He writes a lot about hard times and sacrifice that so many people can relate to, however the overall message of his music is simply LOVE and that together we can make a difference in the world. His success in music is when someone tells him that one of his songs helped them get through a tough time in their life. To Justin, that is what truly matters. His music is not only for the everyday person but the any-day person as well.

1.1 Guns ; Guitars
1.2 Where Do We Begin
1.3 Carousel
1.4 Big Hands
1.5 Pass It on
1.6 The Shoulder
1.7 Something to See
1.8 Let Me Know
1.9 Forever Be
1.10 Charleston Days
1.11 Gettin' Good
1.12 Here's to You
1.13 Rebound
1.14 The Chase (Bonus: Lullaby)

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