Justin Time

Justin Time: House of Fiction

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Justin Time

Title: House of Fiction
Label: CD Baby

Justin Time is the stage name and penn name of the greatly talented Danish singer / songwriter Ib Hansegård. The original Justin Time band was formed in 1991 in Copenhagen by Ib and his stepson, Morten Jensen. Ib came to visit in the U.S. on several occasions and in 2002 Morten, (who has resided in Northern California with his wife Marjo for the past 7 years,) encouraged Ib to lay down some vocal tracks of his original rock / blues tunes. After two weeks of studio tracking sessions, Ib returned to Copenhagen. Morten then proceeded to take Ib's vocal tracks and 'bring them to life.' Morten gathered together some tremendously talented local musicians and after 6 months of recording, producing and mixing - the album was complete, The House of Fiction. The House of Fiction showcases Ib's great and unique ability to write creatively, both lyrically and musically. With a masters in English and the ability to speak 7 languages fluently, Ib breathed beautiful life into his thoughts and emotions in such a way so that all the rest of us could relate effortlessly to his heartfelt expression. The House of Fiction also showcases Morten's technical and musical expertise both in the engineering and the production of the entire project. Ib died unexpectedly in June of 2004. He is terribly missed by family, friends and colleagues. His band continues to play his music in their live gigs in Copenhagen and Morten is currently working on a second album of Ib's original songs ( which will end up being a collaboration of old vocal tracks by Ib combined with new vocal tracks that Morten will sing.) We miss Ib - his gentle kind love -his passion and zest for life and his bright wit- Yet we are so grateful for his gift of music he has left to us all~ And through his music we still feel his great passion- his tremendous sense of humor and his deep deep love. Thank you Ib. Morten morten@saber.net.

1.1 House of Fiction
1.2 What Shall I Do ?
1.3 I'm Breaking Your Heart
1.4 Mystefying
1.5 Ever Since You Left Me
1.6 Compulsive Liar
1.7 Scared
1.8 Money City
1.9 Far Too Long
1.10 Stinking City
1.11 From You Broken Heart
1.12 I'm Not to Blame

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