Justin Vince

Justin Vince: Simplicity

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Justin Vince

Title: Simplicity
Label: CD Baby

After almost a decade, Justin Vince is back to doing what he loves. "Music is the most important creative outlet which I possess. Music is what truly reflects and defines who I am-my moods, my hopes, my desires, and even my fears. That's why I always gravitate towards my songs. They're my own little timeline of this life." Originally from Philadelphia, this singer/songwriter artfully combines an edgy Pop vibe with a taste of Rock and Soul truly all his own. Justin began to develop his musical talents at a young age. Before he was six years old, Justin had already expressed his desire to perform musically to his parents. "My Mom and Dad were always there for me. I mean, they definitely went above and beyond. I can only hope to be half the role models they were, and still are, for me. They've always supported my decisions, and this played into my music as well. I was always given the needed room to grow." He joined several school choirs throughout his elementary education and eventually found his way into the Girard Academic Music Program (Performing Arts High School). It was at this school that Justin began to realize his full potential, sharing his ideas and working along with other students towards his musical dream. Several years later, the big break that Justin had waited for came to be. Demo recordings at her side, long-time friend and manager Nadia Staley took the initiative. It was November of 1998 that Staley introduced Justin to Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo (known better as the Neptunes-producers whose credits include Britney Spears, Jay-Z, No Doubt, Sade, Prince, Kid Rock, etc.) After an off-the-cuff performance and several focused conversations, the deal between Justin and the Neptunes was inked. He had become a part of the Star Trak family. Since then, Justin has made several guest appearances on LPs such as Kelis' "Kaleidoscope", and more recently, Beenie Man's "Tropical Storm" sharing credits with the likes of Janet Jackson. Not only this, but through the teachings of the Neptunes and building of self-expression, Justin has been able to develop a musical style that provides his signature sound.

1.1 Simplicity
1.2 Everlove
1.3 Something Between Us
1.4 Message to My Head
1.5 Fifty
1.6 She Won't Be Down
1.7 So Young
1.8 The Bearer of Bad News
1.9 Tracing the Day
1.10 Run
1.11 Life of a Queen

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