Justin Young: Clean Slate

Justin Young: Clean Slate
Title: Clean Slate
Label: CD Baby

Justin Young's first mainstream album, Clean Slate, due for release February 29th, 2012, is an emotional reflection of finding hope amid difficult times. Drawing upon his early influences - Billy Joel, Elton John, Marc Cohn, Jeffery Gaines - and adding his own personal style, Justin's music gives the listener something that is both familiar and unique. Having suffered the tragic loss of his wife of 10 years, leaving him to raise two young children, Justin found that expressing his grief through music Accelerated his own personal healing. Not only did his music bring him peace, but others began responding to it as well. "Music has a way of bypassing all the walls we put up and can reach deep and grab us in a way that traditional communication can't." - Justin Young Although Clean Slate is a personal reflection of his life over the past decades, Justin avoids the trap of self-indulgent lyrics and drawn out musical phrasings that plague so many Indie singer/ songwriters, and creates meaningful songs that people can truly relate to. With the successful release of his promo video, his vlog documenting his journey to independently release his first mainstream album, and music video for the song Before You Said Goodbye, Justin has hit the ground running. "The message, the story behind this album (Clean Slate) is 'Yeah, stuff happens, but everything's gonna be cool at the end.'" - Justin Young.

1.1 Flowers Never Die
1.2 Photographs
1.3 Before You Said Goodbye
1.4 Sweet November (Don't Cry Alone)
1.5 Michael
1.6 Unspoken Prayer
1.7 I Will Always Be (Your Hero)
1.8 Let Me Dream
1.9 Moment (Dream About You)
1.10 Ashley
1.11 Here I Am
1.12 All I Say
1.13 Photographs [Extended] [Version]

Justin Young: Clean Slate

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