Jyoshna: Red Earth Fusion

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Jyoshna

Title: Red Earth Fusion
Label: CD Baby

This is exquisite music sung by a choir of female voices, and is the result of a many years fieldwork in Rarh, India researching, recording and learning the traditional Rarhi kirtans. The kirtan melodies are both traditional and originals, and will never bore you, will always inspire you as they have been around for many hundred years. I am an ethnomusicologist and singer songwriter, both of which I love. I write love songs, devotinal songs and kritans and perform all around the world. I am very proud of this album which was learnt, rehearsed and sung live in one 70 minuet take by a group of absoltely wild, wonderful women singers, musicians and artists..

1.1 Daspera Raginii
1.2 Radhas Longing
1.3 Sunni
1.4 Daspera Raginii Finale
1.5 Lover/Beloved
1.6 Cascading Tears
1.7 Shiva Ranjani

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