K.C. Clifford: Pockets Full of Hope

K.C. Clifford: Pockets Full of Hope
Title: Pockets Full of Hope
Label: CD Baby

In a world full of imitations, K.C. Clifford is the real thing. The Oklahoma-born songstress continues winning over fans and critics alike. Her latest offering, 'Pockets Full of Hope' was recorded live at The Blue Door in Oklahoma City in February 2008. The raw setting of voice and guitar renders an engagingly personal glimpse inside the mind and musings of this every-girl and her songs. ?? Possessing a notable knack for writing songs that are all-at-once universal and yet deeply personal, K.C. is a meticulous lyricist. Each song is a story all it's own, a conversation with her heart, with the life around her. In a world looking for substance, her songs answer back with a resounding hope and assurance that if you break it down, we as people are all very much the same. 'K.C. is a beautiful woman inside and out. Her songs give hope when hope seems lost, give humor when the seriousness of life gets too heavy, and give words to feelings that many of us hold deep inside and can't seem to express. K.C. is from Oklahoma City, but she is far from just a local artist,' writes Greg Johnson, owner of The Blue Door. Career highlights for K.C. include her Australian tour with Aussie sensations The Bluehouse, a tour she remembers as the trip of a lifetime. A two-time recipient of the Woody Guthrie Award, K.C. is honored to be associated with Oklahoma's rich musical legacy and legendary songwriting heritage. K.C.'s collection of songwriting accolades continues to grow. In 2006 and 2007, the Kerrville Folk Festival chose her as a finalist in their New Folk songwriting competition. Other songwriting honors include: the Mountain Stage New Song Folk Festival's Songwriting Competition, the International Songwriting Competition, Billboard Song Contest, Great American Song Contest, West Coast International Songwriting Contest, the Portland Songwriter's Association Song Contest and MTV licensing. Although she laughs remarking that more has happened in her career since she moved back to Oklahoma, K.C. has also lived and performed in Nashville and Austin. A firm believer in the notion that the song is always the star, K.C. remains unhindered by the confines of genre in her songwriting. In recent years, she has enjoyed collaborating with other songwriter friends. Among her notable co-write credits is 'Loved,' the #1 hit radio single performed by Clifford on acclaimed producer Will Hunt's electronic project known as Apt Core 2. Additional discography includes her 2000 debut 'Times Like These," a grassroots mixture of americana and folk-pop comprised of an all-acoustic palette laced with mandolin, cello and auxiliary percussion. Her 2004 sophomore release, "Teeth-marks on My Tongue" is a compelling blend of pop and folk. Power-packed with undeniable vocal artistry and songwriting craft, 'Teeth-marks' offers the energy of full band arrangements while keeping true to the singer-songwriter sensibilities for which she's known. With authentic, straightforward artistry, K.C. is endearing herself to audiences one song at a time. Simply said, K.C. Clifford is Oklahoma's best-kept secret.

1.1 When We Get There
1.2 Nobody's Fool
1.3 My Def Leppard Operetta
1.4 You Dreamed for Me
1.5 Introducing David
1.6 Johnny Cash
1.7 Find My Way Home
1.8 PG-13
1.9 Counterfeit
1.10 The Pre-Marital Tango
1.11 Stained Glass
1.12 Firecracker
1.13 Love on
1.14 Impossible Reluctance
1.15 One By One
1.16 Grace for Something New
1.17 Hope Under Fire
1.18 My Smile
1.19 May You Always Know Your Way Home

K.C. Clifford: Pockets Full of Hope

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